Portal for SmartPass - smart crossing system

Integrate and manage SmartPass smart pedestrian crossings with the use of the intuitive and universal Administration Panel. The portal provides you with an access to information on the pedestrian crossing, you can also report a defect or preview videos recorded by cameras and data. Thanks to this, you can fully control each crossing.

Intuitive and functional tool for SmartPass

The administration panel is composed of a few modules. Each of them provides specific functions which let you manage the data in the system smoothly.

Pedestrian crossings
All information concerning SmartPass, that is location, warranty period and reference person in one place.
Possible to report a defect in details and follow progress in solving problems.
Reports and statistics
Possible to present information sent from SmartPass in the form of clear reports and diagrams.
Alerts are short text messages which inform the users about failures related to SmartPass.

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