LED lights module in the SmartPass smart crossing

Technical information

Type of light: LED light, 3 LED lights in all directions
LED color: Orange (from approaching side) and white (from sign P-10)
LED light visibility: do 1000 m
Lighting frequency: v40-60 cycles/min.
Height: H1 class (up to 18 mm).
Air-tightness: IP68
Resistance to temperature: from –35 ºC to + 70 ºC
APEO input lifetime: 3 years

Cast-iron cover
Appearance: Flat mushroom
Total weight with electronic input: 4,5 kg
Height (above roadway): 15 mm
Depth (below roadway): 82 mm
Diameter (part above roadway): 180 mm
Diameter (part below roadway): 108 – 112 mm (cone)
Resistance to compression: > 250 kN
Cast-iron cover lifetime: 10 years


Pulsating warning lights in SmartPass activate automatically when a pedestrian approaches the pedestrian crossing. They generate a warning signal for drivers as long as the pedestrian remains on the crossing.

The synchronized pulsating lights in SmartPass come from:
  • active road studs fixed in cast-iron plow-resistant covers before every line of horizontal marking,
  • warning lamps installed by vertical pedestrian crossing signs, controlled via the central control unit.

  • S-4 Kable: reliable lighting for safety

    Active road stud, S-4 Kable type produced by Euroasfalt is a plow-resistant device responsible for horizontal traffic control. It assures lighting in order to warn, guide and inform road users about approaching the hazardous areas.
  • S-4 Kable is composed of a few integral parts which can be glued, anchored or built into the road surface.
  • The optical part is two-way.
  • Cast-iron casing of S-4 Kable provides resistance to damage arising from maintenance works performed by snow plows and heavy wheeled vehicles.
  • Cast-iron casing of the active item allows replacing the illuminating inputs with LEDs without a need to disassemble the entire casing fixed in the roadway surface.
  • The profile of the spot fluorescent item has not sharp edges from the side where vehicles approach.

  • S-4 Kable, as the only product on the market, has been granted a technical approval and domestic certificate of performance constancy compliant with the pre-standard for active spot fluorescent items prEN 1463-3 - Active Road Studs. Technical approval no. AT/2016-02-3306 and domestic certificate of performance constancy have been issued by the Road and Bridge Research Institute.

    LED warning lamp

    The warning lamp is a optical and electronic device serving to emit yellow warning signals for traffic users. In SmartPass system the warning lamp is located above the sign D-6. It is based on LED technology in accordance with the standard PN-EN 12352: 2010 in class L8H.

    How lighting module in the smart pedestrian crossing system works?

    Proper operation of LED lights module depends on the emission of warning signals from APEO and warning lamps located above the vertical sign D6 and synchronized together.
  • The system is updated when pedestrians approach the crossing.
  • Pulsating warning signal coming from devices is emitted as long as pedestrians remain on the horizontal crossing marked with lines P-10.
  • 2-3 seconds after leaving the pedestrian crossing and cars stop moving, warning signals deactivate and the system turns into standby mode.