Speed control on the smart pedestrian crossing


The speed control module records the speed at which vehicles go in the pedestrian crossing area at the distance of 10 m from the crossing.

Why speed control is essential?

Car speed measurements provide important analytical data. The information collected by this module is compared to the detection module time. In effect it shows the reduction of speed of cars going when the pedestrian is identified on the crossing.
All measurements are recorded in the central unit. The information is sent to the Administration Portal once a day. It is then subject to further analysis.

How speed control module works?

The speed control module answers for measuring speed of vehicles approaching the smart crossing. Following the assumptions, the module lets you measure speed at the range from 1 km/h to 200 km/h at the distance of 100, 200 or 400 meters. 

To make sure the casing is air-tight and components are secured, a special housing with a resistance class P2 and IP 65 has been adopted inside. They are responsible for protecting the casing against dirt, dust, water and splashing. IK05 and TDB2 classes mean resistance to impact and bending, and temperature resistance from -25 to +75oC (T2 clas) – these parameters are satisifed by each component of the module.