SmartPass: Central unit with GSM module

Technical information

Industrial CPU
Processor chipset: Broadcom BCM2837 64-bit
Core: Quad-Core ARM Cortex A53
Clock signal: 1,2 GHz
RAM memory: 1 GB
Memory: microSD card
GPIO port: Connector 40-pin (2x20 pin) raster 2,54 mm
Power supply: 5,1 V / 2,5 A via microUSB
Board dimensions: 85 x 56 x 17 mm


The Central Unit module is an industrial micro-computer responsible for:
  • managing all modules,
  • flow of information between modules,
  • reading parameters from particular modules,
  • collecting data and saving them in the PC memory.

  • The Central Unit is also equipped with a communication module used to transfer data between SmartPass and the administration portal. The connection to the Internet allows remote work, software update and access to the sound library.

    The central unit sends daily statistics related to number of excitations of the detection module, information on car speed and diagnostic data on SmartPass performance, including defects.

    Faster response to defects

    Thanks to defect messages, the road authority receives the defect alert shortly after the event occurs and is able to undertake actions aimed at removing it. Such solutions shortens failure reporting and removing time, which is crucial in terms of pedestrians' safety.

    Reliable structure

    To assure safe work, the module is enclosed in the casing on DIN rail which provides space for additional extension modules inside. What is more the casing has SMA outputs intended for additional aerials which improve the range and speed of 3G network.

    Capacious battery – up to 4 days per charging

    SmartPass has a built-in battery which serves as a basic source of power. The battery which the central unit and other modules are connected to has a capacity of 100 Ah. Thanks to this, SmartPass can operate up to 4 days without charging.

    The battery can be charged through a transformer in the system SELV 230V / 15A: 200AV from such sources of power as: street lamps, overhead power line or photovoltaic panel. The power to the unit is provided by step-down 12V/5V module.