Motion Sensors Module in the smart pedestrian crossing system

Technical information

Detection method: Passive infrared
Considerable flexibility in w sensors setting
Smart detection (detecting pedestrians, not cars)
Sensors operating range: up to 24 m
Detection area: activity sensor: (24m x 2m), maintenance sensor: (12m x 15m)
Detection speed: 0,3-1.0m/sec
Range of temperatures: (-20 C to + 50 C)
Air-tightness: Ip54


The motion sensor module is responsible for detecting foot traffic and activating warning signals emitted by the LED lights module and sound module built in the SmartPass. The motion sensor module is composed of two subsystems.

  • Start sensors system – motion sensors detecting pedestrians who approach the crossing and activate the synchronized LED lights module and sound module.
  • Activity sensors system – motion sensors which sustain the operation of SmartPass system through detection of pedestrians as long as they remain on the crossing.

  • The motion sensors are resistant to weather conditions and the range of detection guarantees proper operation of the SmartPass system on pedestrian crossings, on one- and multiple-lane roadways. The start sensor is aimed at:

  • detecting the persons before the pedestrian crossing properly,
  • activating the synchronized horizontal and vertical lights system and sound module,
  • 2-3 seconds after leaving the pedestrian crossing - deactivate lights and sound module as well as switch the SmartPass system into standby mode.

  • Start sensor features

  • The start sensor is mounted on the supporting structure of the sign D-6 so that it is directed at the edge of the pavement.
  • The start sensor is positioned in a way that the beam is narrow and detects the movement of the pedestrian who approaches the edge of the pavement only.
  • The start sensor does not detect pedestrians who pass by at the distance of 0,5 m from the edge of the roadway and do not intend do cross the street.
  • The activity sensor which sustains the operation of lights module and sound module in SmartPass is installed by each sign D-6 so that it can detect pedestrians' motion as long as they are on the crossing.